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All Under Heaven 天下LJ

Chinese Art and Culture Resource Community

Chinese Art and Culture 天下LJ
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Chinese arts and culture resource community
Welcome to Tianxia 天下, the Chinese arts and culture resource community.

Here you can find works of Chinese art and craft in history, famous poems and literature of each dynasty and information about history in general and traditional and cultural activies in history and today.

Furthermore, anything else related to China is also welcome (like pop culture, fashion, politics, food, people and language), as long as it has some cultural background.

Please note that this community is picture heavy. But pictures will be resized and linked to the full picture in an external link. The maximum picture width in the entry is about 580 pixel, if it is bigger please put a link to the original sized picture.
Too many pictures in one post will also be avoided.

*Please note that all posts must first be approved and might be changed before being published. Please do not be angry if it doesn't get published, thank you.