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13 May 2009 @ 02:08 am
Here is quite a good video of different styles od Hanfu you can find people wearing today. (Part 1)
Of course they are not very historically accurate since they are self made. But htey give quite a good overview of different styles.

13 May 2009 @ 01:32 am
The traditional clothing of Han Chinese people (=majority of Chinese people) is the Hanfu that was worn from the beginning of Chinese civilization until 1644 when the Manchus established the last dynasty (Qing) and people were forced to wear Manchu clothing.

Clothing style more common in Tang dynasty. The Hanfu evolved through the time. (clck for full)

After the end of the last dynasty and the bedinning of "modern China" (including wars, civil wars and cultural revolution), there was almost nothing known of ancient times anymore.
The most commonly known Chinese traditional clothing is the Qipao, that is some evolved version of the Manchu clothing. Most people think that Qipao is the national costume of China but this is wrong. In fact China consists of 56 minorities and each having its own traditional clothing.

But recently more and more Han Chinese people have been asking themselves why all other minorites have their own traditional clothing but only Han Chinese people haven't, although the Han clothing was the most influencial of all clothing styles, influencing almost all countries near China.
Many people are now trying to revive the traditional Han clothing, they hope it can be accepted as a formal and ceremonial dress
Although some people wish Hanfu could be accepted as the nationa costume it is not very realistic since China consists of 56 minorities.

For more information on Hanfu, visit wikipedia. This entry gives a good description of Hanfu in history!

There is a good english site that follows the Hanfu movement: http://www.hanfu.info/blog/
26 December 2008 @ 09:20 pm

Hello everyone!

China Lovers or 天下 the Chinese arts and culture resource community is open.

Here you can find works of Chinese art and craft in history, famous poems and literature of each dynasty and information about history in general and traditional and cultural activies in history and today.

Furthermore, anything else related to China is also welcome (like pop culture, fashion, politics, food, people and language).

I am Chinese who lives in Europe. I study Sinology and am personally very interested in history, literature, music, movies and TV series.



我自己是中国人, 在读汉语学。 对中国历史,文化,音乐,影视很感兴趣。


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